The idea of our family’s trip to Majorca appeared spontaneously; tickets were bought at last minute deal several days before the departure; naturally, the choice of a place to stay in on the island was occasional. After having arrived to Helsinki, I decided to put together the map of the island and the directions of planet rays in my horoscope (Local Space). Before the departure, I managed to pay attention to the Neptune line in the ACG-map of my horoscope passing through Ibiza, an island neighboring Majorca. I can say at once that Neptune showed itself at least in the fact that I was taking antibiotics prescribed by the doctor to cure some inflammation in the left ear during the entire trip.

A little bit about Majorca. It is the largest of the Balearic Islands (Spain). It is situated in the Mediterranean Sea nearly 200 km from Barcelona. The island can theoretically be crossed by car along the highway from the capital Palma till Alcudia for one hour.

The centre of the island was defined as a point of intersection of the rectangle diagonals with Majorca inscribed in it. The next step was putting the directions of the planets from my horoscope. I denoted real directions of the planets with the red color and their symmetric prolongation (the Pluto line through Palma) and the midpoint of the Mercury/Saturn line – with the rose.

Blue circles with the numbers

Blue circles with the numbers from 1 to 9 denote the places on the island which I have visited in the chronological order.

Place 1

This is the airport of Majorca. Close to it, the line of my Saturn passes. I arrived there on May 30 and I departed from there on June 6, 2008. I cannot say anything bad about the arrival. However, the departure was delayed by 40 minutes; the plane was for some reasons changed, and we went back not with Finnair, but with TUI.

Place 2

This is the place we stayed in. Several kilometers away from Alcudia, resort inhabitant area with beaches, hotels and little shops is located along the coast line. We got into the hotel Elisa. As it turned out, my Jove, Mars and Neptune lines pass through this place. Taking into account that Jove is the host of the 4th house, one can say that I was merely lucky. The hotel was good; I was not woken up at night by tourists loosening their brakes. It is possible that the feeling of silence appeared due to the fact that I was sleeping on my right side, and the left ear was fully bunged-up during the entire trip. By hearsay, terrifying noises can be heard every night on Ibiza, which is a paradise for gays, nudists, and drug takers. However, on Majorca it is much calmer; you can surely go there together with your families.

airport of Majorca hotel was good
Place 3
Palma with the statue

We visited the altitude overlooking Palma with the statue of the city patrons as well as the castle Bellver (on photo). The courtyard of the castle with a little museum in it was quite interesting. The mirror reflection of the Pluto line passes through Palma. I did not have any strong impressions or feelings from this place.

Place 4

This is the town Аrta. As far as I remember now, it embodied the Pluto line.

visit an old church
We decided to visit an old church-museum
From the outside
From the outside it looked liked this
empty, musty and dark
Inside, it was empty, musty and dark

There were a number of figurines in the temple. They looked a bit terrifying. Their worn-out look, absence of any artistic value (in my opinion), but strong cultic undertone added to the piquancy of the place. We did not manage to take a photo without a flash – it was dark.

 angel wins a demon
An angel wins a demon
little hearse
A little hearse in its actual size. Children do not like it.

It did not induce any religious feelings. But memories about a horror film where old dolls came to life appeared several times. It is good to develop one’s character in this temple by staying overnight near a choir-place, for example.

Place 5

place Cala Ratjada This is a place Cala Ratjada. A crowd of Santa Clauses suddenly came to the beach, where we spent some half an hour. In fact, these were the Germans, who completely and absolutely occupied this town. The event, of course, is a seldom one. I can explain Christmas mood on the beach only by the fact that the Uranus line was passing close to the Pluto line. Santa Clauses were pronouncing a speech and presenting chupa chups to children. I paid attention also to the fact that people in this town were moving in some groups. Except Santa Clauses, I saw the groups of seamen in the same uniform and fans in Chelsea football shirts.

Place 6

The Uranus and Moon lines. I turned from the road to the sea to see what the beach in the place Canyamel looks like. Strong rain started, followed by a thunderstorm. The attempt to go along the sea till the next village failed – the road narrowed, there was a bluff to the sea to the left, a cliff to the right and rock debris on the road. Finally, the road turned out to be blocked by stones, and I had to go back. I could see the sea and a part of the coastline; I think there is good beach there. I did not manage to take a photo.

Place 7

Midpoint-line Mercury/Saturn hits the city Porto Cristo. There we visited the Dragon cave (Coves del Drac). If you are lucky, you can see a performance made there for tourists several times a day. The excursion ends with a romantic musically-theatrical performance.

Place 8

The Mercury line in Capricorn passed through the highland, a signpost showed 30 km to the beach Tuent, but I had to go about 30 minutes. The altitude was below 680 m, endless coils of the narrow road gave no chance to turn more than the second speed. Finally, a wonderful view on the sea appeared. The coast turned out to be suitable for having rest, but the gulf itself was shallow, with sharp stones on the bottom. The clouds moved out of the mountains. I had to go without a rest along the night serpentine to the main road, which lead to Soller, our final destination that day.

Place 9

My Sun line in Capricorn passed through the suburbs of Soller. The place is interesting, situated among mountains. Time and energy were sufficient only to visit a botanic garden and a little biological museum, situated in this garden. In the museum there were several crabs preserved in alcohol in the 18th century, many ancient fossils in form of traces, fishes, snails and shells.

Strange flower
Strange flower
Unknown insect
Unknown insect
Blooming cactus
Blooming cactus

Overall, Majorca left a favorable impression. The Spanish, at least those, whom we met, looked calm and wanting to drink a cup of coffee with a cigarette. Many of them smoke pipes. Female young islanders have strange dressing habits – at any heat they wear jeans tucked in high and winter (as it seemed to me) boots. It is hard to bargain with the Spanish as concerns car renting. The prices are acceptable only in large supermarkets, others count upon thick wallets. The cuisine in restaurants is mostly doubtful. Sometimes they can cook tasty lasagna, the cold tomato soup gaspacho is recherché, I liked it – but do not know about you. I recommend beer San Migel, it is better than Finnish. It is possible to find good places for fishing. A bit about the beach Alcudia. It resembles Jurmala very much. Sand also is white, small. Water is clear, of a bluish and green hue. The bottom is clear, sandy and flat; depth starts no closer than 30-40 meters from the coast.;

Putting Local Space lines on the island with the way described above allows planning your trips or, which was my case, thinking over the happened events in a useful way. Each person will have its individual view on Majorca, and if you will ever visit this island, then your perception, undoubtedly, will be unrepeatable. But there will be one thing, which we are likely to agree upon: Majorca is an excellent place to have a rest.

Ruslan Susi, 09.06.2008