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The idea of the web page “Live astrology by Ruslan Susi” leaves a large space for its development. The approach to astrology, which sees in it not only science, but also art, is friendly to different schools and lines of thoughts in astrology. With the help of this approach, in contrast with the inanimate and scientific one, successful co-existence of so many astrological schools can be explained: naturally, art cannot be homogenous. The only uniting platform for all the lines of thoughts in astrology is the formula “All that is below is similar to what is above” and all the consequent principles of similarity and symmetry coming from it.


My name is Ruslan Susi. I was born on January 18, 1971. Higher education within the glorious walls of the Riga Technical University (master’s degree, 1997) could not suppress my interest in art. In 1994, I turned to studying astrology on my own and created my first horoscope without the assistance of instructors. In 1995, I was studying Uranian astrology for a short period of time. I was not fascinated with it. Then I got into the group of Galina Svedberg, a follower of Mikhail Levin. I liked there. Along with the studies in this group, I was studying in the group of Sergey Vronsky from 1995 till 1997. In 1997, I moved to Finland. In 1999, I successfully passed my thesis in Moscow Academy of Astrology to M. Levin and T. Mityaeva. I go on with the process of self-education both in theory and practice. I have a regular consulting practice. I have experience in teaching. My articles are published on the Internet and on paper (in newspapers and magazines).

Apart from astrology, I am interested in theatre, cinema, and journalism. From 1999 till 2004 I was actively attending a theatrical studio. I have experience of filming in movies and TV series. I am married, have a son and a daughter. Among all the lines of thoughts in astrology I give preference to natal astrology, sport astrology, and, as every Capricorn, feel sympathy for mundane astrology. From the beginning of 2002 I am dealing with the Internet. Due to this, I have found many new friends.


«Live astrology» will be glad to cooperate on mutually beneficial conditions with authors-astrologers, programmers, philosophers – all those who are interested in astrology and see intersection in interests. It is known that, due to its universalism, astrology can find a contact with almost every branch of knowledge or art. «Live astrology» is ready to look for new forms of cooperation with other network resources or paper publications. General prognosis, sport prognosis (aimed either at the result or at the course of a sport match), astrological analysis of events and their consequences – all this can become my contribution to your project. There is a special offer concerning astrological prognosis-diagram of the forces of the Zodiac, which is an original, capacious and spectacular information product. As 2-year trial period showed, it has a high and stable level of interest among readers. Since it is made up taking into account geographical coordinates of the place of prognosis, it can be completed on a by-order basis for your city or country. Here you can take a look at the prognoses of the forces of the Zodiac for 2005 and 2006. And, finally, «Living astrology» is living to be ready for the most unpredictable variants of cooperation and turns in network destiny.


The web page can be used as a platform for advertisement. The largest part of visitors are the inhabitants of Russia, the second largest part consists of the inhabitants of Ukraine, Finland, the Baltics, as well as the rest of Europe, the USA and Asia. The advertisement related to tourism, internet-shops, computer software, games, events in the world of culture and sports is perspective for placing here. For communication English (Russian) are preferable.

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Live astrology by Ruslan Susi - astrology as a synthesis of science and art. Astrologer Ruslan Susi.