Ancient astrology already gave hints concerning the fairness or unfairness of places on earth for people – this wasASTROGEOGRAPHY (AKG) concluded from the correspondence between signs, houses, quadrants and the corners of the earth. The analysis of the correspondence between sign features and properties of the area or land being investigated took a special place. During the 20th century the splashes of inventing activity were fixed in this field. As a result, astrology began to use the geodetic method, astrocartograpghy (ACG), and the method of Local Space.

I will try to list all the methods, related to the analysis of space properties

  1. The analysis of sign features and properties of the area or land
  2. The analysis of planet properties (especially in the 9th or 4th house) and properties of the area or land
  3. The analysis of correspondence between signs, houses, trigones, quadrants and the corners of the Earth.
  4. The geodetic method
  5. AstroCartoGrapghy (ACG)
  6. The method of Local Space

While the geodetic method can be considered as a pure know-how of the 20th century, AstroCartoGrapghy (ACG) became the result of the logical development of traditional beliefs related to the time period of K. Ptolemy (1st century AD), like, for example, the planet is the strongest on the top or rising of the horoscope, – modern computer technology has only designed these old axioms into a convenient graphical form. The same is with the method of local space, as before its appearance everyone knew where there is the East and where – the West in a horoscope etc. Modern astrological program can show on the map of earth surface lines, where one or another planet is located at important points of the horoscope (apogee, aspect, location with respect to the axes of the horoscope) or at important direction (local space). Knowing what the planet means in the individual horoscope, one can conclude about favorable and unfavorable areas of space for a person. Usually one looks for places favorable for living, having rest, working or improving personal life. However, one should not feel limited with this – the wishes of the lovers of extreme life experience can also be taken into account.

The grid of the planet lines can cover the whole continent, a country, a city as well as an apartment. In difference to nowadays popular Feng Shui, everything here is based on astronomic ground, found mathematically from the individual horoscope.

Venus Latvia Finland Case 1. This is a part of my own horoscope. After all, personal experience is irreplaceable. All the more so if it is related to Venus. So, we see the distribution of the planet lines (or better – rays) from my place of birth Riga . The ray of Venus is directed to the north-east and goes through Finland , around 200 km from Helsinki . Venus in my horoscope directs the 2nd (finance) and 9th (education, teaching, publications, far journeys) houses and is located in the 3rd house (learning, acquaintances, transport, relatives).These features plus natural properties of Venus (art, love, material prosperity, marriage) became a part of my destiny. Moving to Finland in itself corresponds to Venus directing the 9th house. Moreover, I got married here, my material situation improved, and, finally, what became a surprise for me, I began to attend a theatrical studio, was fascinated with the Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted (“KVN”), was being filmed in a local TV series. In Riga I have never participated in school amateur art, I ran to the forest in pioneer camp when the dance classes began. Business on the Internet (the axis of the 3rd – 9th houses) also began in Finland .

Case 2. Here we can see a part of the map for the U.S. president J. Kennedy 29.05.1917 15:00 Brookline MA . Those who have a minimum interest in history know that the city Dallas had a special meaning in his destiny. There he was killed on November 22, 1963 , by a shot from a rifle right in the car. Take a look attentively – the ray of Venus goes exactly through Dallas . There is one little difference in this horoscope in comparison to mine. Here Venus directs the 1st (I, body) and the 8th (corporate finance, crises, death) houses. However, the other properties of Venus showed up like clockwork – its position in Gemini is related to transport and trips (auto), Kennedy came to Dallas no occasionally but to collect money (corporate finance) and improving his image (Venus) before the elections (elections – one of the symbols of Venus, the hostess of Libra). For sure, the case with Kennedy deserves a separate investigation, and all the more so we have almost all necessary horoscopes. This case shows how important it is to know not only the usual (essencial) properties of a planet, but also its meaning in the individual horoscope for work with Local Space.

president J. Kennedy ACG

Case 3. This is a very special horoscope. Astrology allows forecasting the development of any processes that began in time. Here the moment of the first nuclear explosion is fixed 16.07.1945 12:29:21 Alamogordo , NM . The Uranus line, the natural significator of the first trials and possible experiments, made at that moment a blizzard pattern on our planet. It came near the cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki , where in a month on August 6, 1945 , at 8:15 20 kiloton nuclear bomb was thrown. The first experiment of using the bomb, made on the uranium basis (!!!), was successful – the U.S. weapon destroyed 140 thousand innocent people at once in Nagasaki and 74 thousand in Hiroshima (in next day 9.08.1945). And finally, my friendly advice to the fans of septener – Uranus, as a co-host of Aquarius, is directly related to the 8th house of this horoscope.

Nagasaki ACG Hiroshima

Case 4. Everyone knows the map of Napoleon constructed with the help of ACG method shows imperial surprises. The end of the life of the frustrated ruler of the world, one of the most charismatic personalities in the 19th century, happened in exile in the place forgotten by the God, Island of St. Helen . I must admit that I have not found it on the map at once – it turned out to be located at almost 2000 km from the coast of Western Africa . The circumstances of death of Napoleon were unknown for a long time. In 1961 the history was advanced by the Swedish toxicologist Sten Forshwood. His research showed that the emperor was steadily poisoned by arsenic. According to the more modern version, Napoleon Bonapart died from stomach cancer – the group of Swiss, American and Canadian scientists declared it. They note that even the doctor of the emperor Franchesko Antommarchi mentioned cancerous growth. Venus for Napoleon directed the 1st and 8th houses (like in the horoscope of J. Kennedy) and is located in the water sign Cancer defeated by the opposition of Pluto, a natural significator of death. This approves both the version about poisoning and even more about the cancer. ACG-line of Pluto came near to Island of St. Helen .

Napoleon Bonapart ACG-line of Pluto

Case 5. Arnold Schwarznegger. Culturist – actor – politician. 30 Jul 1947 , Graz , Austria . 4:10 AM . He made himself and became famous in the Hollywood , there, in California , he also became the governor of the state. We see how successful for him the lines of Venus and Jupiter were. Venus, the hostess of the 11th and the co-manager of the 4th houses, is located in the 1st house of Arnold ’s horoscope. It points out on the connection with art in the region of its coverage. The influence of Jupiter, the host of the 9th, 10th and 6th houses, is more considerable – this is a professional political career.

Arnold Schwarznegger. Culturist – actor – politician

The obviousness and beauty of space astrology cannot leave anybody indifferent. It seems to me that namely in this branch of astrology the greatest progress in development of already existing techniques and inventing the new ones is expected. But even those tools, which are used now, allow understanding and explaining many things.

Ruslan Susi
12.01.2006, Helsinki